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We're a devoted team of motorsport enthusiasts dedicated to designing a solution for the racing industry.

RaceLink has the potential to cultivate partnerships, create content, advance careers, and offer sponsorship’s within the motorsports industry.

The creator of RaceLink, Max Gallardo, saw this potential when trying to network and further his career within the Race community. “I was well known in Argentina but after trying a career in the US, I had difficulty obtaining a sponsor because I was unknown,” says Max Gallardo.

By creating a centralized Social Network that reaches the furthest stretches of the world, drivers can share their resume, stats and accomplishments.

This platform also makes way for SIM racing.  SIM technology has been proven to carry over to real performance racing.  The advances in  physics and graphics along with customized home cockpits make simulated racing just a effective when put to the test.  NASA and Military train pilots on simulators well before an aircraft is flyable.

SIM racers such as, Finland’s Greger Huttu and England’s Jann Mardenborough, have been invited to join real performance racing teams after proving themselves worthy when transferring their experience from SIM to reality.

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RaceLink offers thousands of simulated racing events per year.  Race entry fees range from $10 to $1,000,000 with top prizes equaling over $4,800,000!

Sponsors can make offers and create Ad revenue through the RaceLink platform.  Sponsors can easily scan profiles and reach out to teams and racers with ease.

Users can upload motorsports content and get paid through Ad Revenue and sponsors.