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We are dedicated to linking our online technology and businesses with the motorsports industry

Racelink created a digital eco-system where esports games and businesses can be self-sustained by the symbiotic links between businesses and users fueling events, creating traffic and content within the platform. eSports events generate traffic, and businesses need customers to create sales. Racelink not only offers the traffic generating technology, but offers online media platforms and a direct sales system as well. This digital bionetwork with the platform gives eSports professionals and enthusiasts an opportunity to turn a hobby into a career.

Many fans and enthusiasts are limited by the current structural design of eSports. Racelink will offer a platform in which anyone can create competitions that companies can jump on board and these can be managed 100% from people’s homes and watched through live streams! These combine original technology to give businesses better results for advertising/sponsorships to generate support for everyone involve making the show, thus allowing people across the entire world paid esports opportunities like never before.
Advertising methods will mix several techniques found on TV, Streaming, Radio and others to make advertising less intrusive than current formats and allow it to produce a direct sale from every gamer’s channel.

Similar methods that made YouTube, Facebook and others very successful, have influenced the creation of an eSports platform that makes it easy to advertise and sponsor. Racelink will invigorate gaming around the world and open new doors for all businesses.

eSports events can be created by users or  event organizers of any participating online multiplayer game. Entry fees, prizes, experience, successes, news and more will be recorded as a resume for each driver, team or professional in the motorsports or related industries.

RaceLink has the potential to cultivate partnerships, create events and share them, create content, advance careers, and offer sponsorship’s within the eSports industry.

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RaceLink offers thousands of simulated racing events per year.  Race entry fees range from $10 to $1,000,000 with top prizes equaling over $4,800,000!

Sponsors can make offers and create Ad revenue through the RaceLink platform.  Sponsors can easily scan profiles and reach out to teams and racers with ease.

Users can upload motorsports content and get paid through Ad Revenue and sponsors.