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Our mission

We have the technology to protect content creators from getting their work stolen, so they can track everything they create and profit from every move their content does, while allowing everyone to reuse their content and still giving all parties involved a profit.
While presenting all the tools needed for a business social network disguised as a friendly content production social network, we will provide a platform to create content and traffic while simultaneously offering global businesses opportunities to expand and grow like never before.  This will create a lot more steady jobs for people who currently are being ripped off their work.

Businesses will enter a new way to be represented online, to advertise, promote and sell online. A better representation of their business within a social network.
With Racelink. businesses and content producers will benefit mutually.

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Features of Racelink

RaceLink offers an “eco-system” within the network to facilitate the daily income of content producers and businesses.

  • Social Network Platform
  • New revolutionary website design for Business presence redefined by Racelink
  • esports career system and curriculum builder
  • Event organizer with entry fees and prize money
  • Online Sponsorship broker system
  • Data and analytics service
  • Online store and e-commerce marketplace
  • Digital content generating tools to generate followers
  • Forums with advanced graphical interfaces

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